Give us the opportunity, and we’ll not only meet but exceed your expectations, delivering sound custom solutions to your most difficult precision injection molding problems.
Our customers know we thrive on challenges. A more responsive supplier of injection molding services you’re not likely to find.

  • We take products from concept, through development, to validation, to successful product launch.
  • We use Kanban and Just-in-Time inventory methods as needed to fulfill our customers’ needs.
  • On-time delivery is one of our highest priorities – along with exceptional quality.
  • We are EDI capable.
  • We can even do steel-to-plastic injection molding conversions.

You can count on Calico services for innovative, top-quality …

Know, too, that there aren’t many injection molding suppliers whose services include providing full-scale …

We work, for example, directly with tool shops to come up with better custom tool designs, providing the blueprints to meet their most exacting requirements.
Contact Calico for all your precision injection molding needs – and more services and support than you ever thought possible from any injection molding supplier.